IRNM Annual Confrence

The Irish Research Nurses & Midwives (IRNM) annual conference will be held on Thursday 10th November 2022.

As with previous years, the IRNM will hold a Masterclass and evening meal on Wednesday 9th November. Registration is open.

As part of the agenda, for the conference they will have both national and international speakers:

  • Sabine Lindén (RN): On developing standardized job descriptions for Clinical Research Nurses
  • International speakers, as part of the oral abstracts, from Scotland (Clinical Research Training), England (Research Transition) and Taiwan (Workplace Resilience for Clinical Research Nurses)
  • Oral presentations from our colleagues in Ireland on 'Patient’s Thermal Comfort During Transport To The Emergency Department', 'Impact of Visual Campaigns' and 'Nurse Led Transition To Home Intervention'
  • Nuala Ryan (Chair, Nicolaides Baraitser Syndrome (NCBRS) Worldwide Foundation) will provide the patient voice on genomics
  • Dr Eoghan De Barra, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Beaumont Hospital
  • Opening address by Mairéad Cowan, Director of Nursing, Medicine Directorate, University of Limerick Hospital Group plus updates from both the NREC and HRB-NCTO



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