Programme Manager – Clinical Research – RCSI

Job Description

Department: RCSI Clinical Research Centre
Job Type: Full-time, Specified-purpose
Tenure: Specified purpose contract up to 3 years (subject to project achieving specified objectives by end of Year 1 of the award)
Location: RCSI, ERC Beaumont Hospital
Reporting to: Ms Deirdre Hyland, Director of Research Nurse Education
Salary: Aligned with Point 1 – 3 of the CNM3 scales as per 1st October 2021
Proposed Start Date: 17 January 2022
Post Summary
The successful candidate will be employed through the RCSI Clinical Research Centre, located on the Beaumont Hospital campus. Duties of the post will require a degree of flexibility and availability to travel nationally and internationally as and when required. The proposed duration of the post is three years, full time, conditional on the achievement of prescribed objectives on interim review by the HRB at the end of year one. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to work autonomously and efficiently, and to use a variety of mechanisms to achieve the project goals.
Specific Duties
  • Working with the collaboration and support of the Principal Investigator (PI) and IRNM Roles and Responsibilities Sub-Committee the Programme Manager will;
  • Be responsible for project planning, implementation and management of activities needed to achieve the stated project objectives.
  • Develop detailed project plans and work-packages focused on successful delivery of the project outputs within the specified timeframe.
  • Establish the Project Stakeholder Group as outlined in the award proposal
  • Initiate meeting schedules and agree terms of reference of group
  • Develop short, medium and long-term goals and objectives
  • Agree communication and engagement strategy
  • Complete exploration of prevailing literature on the role and contribution of the CRNM, existing job-descriptions and terms of employment.
  • Establish mechanisms for effective communication and engagement with CRNMs on the island of Ireland
  • Initiate surveys and consultations to establish the expectations and opinions of CRNMs, their employers, Department of Health and the HSE in relation to employment, retention and professional development of CRNMs, ensuring that relevant permissions and approvals are obtained as applicable
  • Establish communications with the Chief Nurse, Department of Health, Ireland and the Chief Nurse, Health and Social Care Services, Northern Ireland, as outlined in the conditions mandated by the HRB for the successful completion of the proposed project.
  • Engage with international CRNM networks and working groups for mutual sharing of knowledge, processes and employment models
  • Develop draft documents for consultation and discussion with identified stakeholders
  • Develop data collection tools and processes to achieve the objectives of the project/sub-studies as required
  • Support development and design of project related sub-studies as applicable
  • Develop mechanisms for monitoring project progress against key milestones, and reporting status to PI, applicable IRNM committees, project stakeholder group and HRB.
  • Be responsible for monitoring allocated budget expenditure, and identifying requirements for reallocation of funds, if applicable
  • Leverage additional funding opportunities to support expansion of the project or associated sub-studies if and as applicable
  • Draft and publish interim and final articles, guidance documents and reports on discreet aspects of the project, in conjunction with relevant IRNM and stakeholder group partners
  • Report interim and final project findings at national and international events and forums
  • On the active register in an appropriate division of the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland, or eligible to so register.
  • MSc in nursing or midwifery, or an appropriate clinical or life sciences discipline
Application Process
Please apply online no later than 5pm on the closing date with your CV and Covering Letter.
Informal Enquiries can be directed to Ms. Deirdre Hyland at
  • Is self-motivated and shows a desire to continuously perform at a high level
  • Is personally honest and trustworthy and can be relied upon
  • Ensures the citizen is at the heart of all services provided
  • Through leading by example, fosters the highest standards of ethics and integrity
Specialist knowledge, expertise and self-development
  • Has a clear understanding of the roles, objectives and targets of self and team and how they fit into the work of the unit and organisation and effectively communicates this to others.
  • Has high levels of expertise and broad Public Sector knowledge relevant to his/her area of work and is sensitive to wider political and organisational priorities
  • Is considered an expert by stakeholders in own field/area
  • Is focused on self-development, seeking feedback and opportunities for growth to help carry out the specific requirements of the role
JD – IRNM Programme Manager.pdf

Closing Date

5pm on 12 December 2022