If you are developing a proposal for a research study or clinical trial that will involve patients we can offer you guidance on the practical aspects of delivering your study with Ireland. The research delivery pathway below shows how we can help all the way from developing your idea to study closure.


Services we provide:

We have various services to help all our research applicants deliver their research.


Primary point of contact for clinical innovation and research, facilitating industry and academia.


Consultation on regulatory pathways and provision of advice on conduct of clinical research in all fields.

Study feasibility

Streamlined process with coordination and oversight through the central office, and dedicated resource in the CRF/Cs to navigate local systems and engage with Investigators, ultimately leading to efficient and timely identification of sites. Learn More

Regulatory, Ethics & Insurance

Management of the application process, including preparation and submission of study documents when feasible.

Learn more.

Study start-up

Range of supports available to optimise start-up activities, including central coordination and dedicated resource in CRF/Cs accelerating all aspects of the process at the site level.


Tracking/monitoring of recruitment targets. Collation of metrics across CRF/Cs and provision of advisory support.

Audit and Monitoring

Oversight of study conduct through risk based plans and activities, with reporting to sponsor.


Ensured through a team of quality managers located across the central office and CRF/Cs, facilitating best practice and harmonisation across the network.

On-line services

Provision of resources, including templates, guidance and signposting to training and education programmes, as appropriate.


Consultancy support from product concept to commercialisation.


Ambassadors for Irish clinical innovation and research, nationally and internationally.

For further information, or to discuss how we can assist you, please contact the HRB NCTO Team.