Wellcome Trust-Wolfson Clinical Research Facility

The Wellcome Trust-Wolfson Clinical Research Facility (NICRF) is a joint venture with Queen’s University Belfast, The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, The University of Ulster and The Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Research and Development division.

Based in Belfast City Hospital, the NICRF has the infrastructure to support clinical trials from conception to completion. With dedicated staff and state-of-the-art equipment, the NICRF now allows researchers to access a dedicated area for clinical research with access to equipment either not available in the NHS at all or without having to wait until they are available within the NHS system.

  • A focus for experimental medicine in Northern Ireland
  • Closely linked to NICTU and NICRN
  • Equipped with relevant enabling technologies
  • An integral component of experimental medicine networks in the UK and Ireland
  • Situated on U Floor of Belfast City Hospital
  • Ten Clinical rooms, reception, offices, kitchen
  • Facility for outpatient research
  • In close proximity to key clinical areas
  • Imaging centre
  • Tissue and sample processing laboratory

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